Oct 15, 2010

Movie: Prince of Persia

Great picture, good links to the game "Prince of Persia" and "Assassin's Creed", a nice parkour and fights.

I sincerely do not understand the wave of crap that individuals shed on the film. Say, "the plot a bit predictable." Well, yes, it's ekshin, fantasy-thriller, where it hitrozakruchenny story? Type of film can be viewed at once? How many fantasy fighters 2000 release can be viewed more than once? Type of film debased the Great Game? Guys, remember Doom, Far Cry and Blood Rayne - that's quiet horror, disfigured all the principles of games in which, allegedly, movies were filmed. And then everything in general, correct.


  1. I saw this movie. Is's one of the best in this year

  2. i love parkour haha
    just the way that people move themselvselves over and around objects in their way... it has a certain appeal to it.

    i guess thats why i enjoyed the games :P