Oct 25, 2010

Perfect Armor: developed the strongest in the history of substance

Israeli scientists have developed the most durable of the existing organic materials. He denser stainless steel and is superior to indicators of strength bulletproof Kevlar.
Use the resulting material engineers intend not only to make your reservation (more than a cheap and easy, that soldier is important). Also there are plans to implement a set of "peace" projects: improvement in the strength of composite materials, development of new types of exceptionally good glass.
It turns out, make a hole in the plate of the new substance can only tool with diamond tip. Effort that is necessary in order to make a dent on the surface of the material must exceed twice the figure for Kevlar.

Oct 24, 2010

After 20 years people will be able to store data of the brain?

Daily Mail reports that Raymond Kurzweil (Raymond Kurzweil), a well-known near their developments such as speech recognition, said during a recent performance in Austria, that in 20 years people will be able to save the contents of your brain.
This person needs to understand is talking about, because in 15 years, he created a program that can recreate the music in the style of the great composers, so he was invited to the White House for a meeting with U.S. President Lyndon Johnson. Later, he created a machine that could read the texts for the blind.

Raymond Kurzweil argues that after 20 years in the blood of people will be "live" thousands of nanorobots, which should focus on treating the body, improving the characteristics of a person and even be able to backup the contents of the brain. According to him, it will be possible to keep every thought, every experience, in a word much of what makes people individual.
He notes that these forecasts are sound strained, but in the early 1980's people also seemed crazy to predictions about the emergence of the Web in mid-1990.

Oct 23, 2010

Android-developers are protecting the OS from the criticism of Steve Jobs

Two prominent Android-developer does not agree with the accusation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs on mobile operating system, Google Android, put forth in a recent speech.
Iain Dodsvors, head of TweetDeck, and Andy Rubin, who heads the development of Android, rejecting assertions by Steve Jobs about the negative effect of fragmentation of users and developers of various versions of Android's open mobile operating philosophy from Google.

Iain Dodsvors said that his team Twitter Deck has no problems with the development of applications for Android and Steve Jobs overestimates the effect of fragmentation. We recall, Apple said that Twitter Deck in developing its applications for Android had to take into account 100 different versions of Android to 244 different smartphones.

Oct 22, 2010

Fucking Avatar

An extended version of the famous James Cameron's blockbuster "Avatar" will be released Nov. 16 on DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Directed by the team decided to add scenes and episodes that are not included in the basic version of the film, which brought $ 2.8 billion at the box office. Mainly it is the top fighter, where Cameron shows life on Earth in the 22 century. A former Marine, and now people in wheelchairs, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington, Sam Worthington) vegetate between his tiny shabby number and a bar in constant drinking bout. However, despite appearances surrendered and dropped a man, Jake is not broken, and remained a soldier with a capital letter. He even picks a fight, stood up for women.

Cameron specifically reduced the start in the first version of "Avatar" in an effort to quickly show the viewer the world of Pandora and meeting with Na'vi. "The main thing for me in the film was met with Jake Naytiri and their love. So every minute of delay would be a further test of viewer loyalty "-" James said.

The Internet makes us smarter, or ... vice versa?

For several years now in the circles of scientists and users is a discussion about what impact the Internet on people. Does he smarter than us, or vice versa?
Internet allows you to get free access to large amounts of information almost instantly. Of course, the quality and reliability of this information can vary greatly. In addition, information is available in various formats. With the web people can share experiences with other users, store of knowledge and, ostensibly, to become smarter.
Nevertheless, in this respect there are other opinions. For example, a scientist Nicholas Carr (Nicholas Carr) in 2008 put forward the hypothesis that search engines like Google make users stupid. The presence of fast facts, no need to search for nuances and work with a lot of additional literature adversely affected as a result of the work, and at the level of intelligence user.
However, to summarize, in this case is also not worth it. Internet can be compared with the same reference book or encyclopedia. Different people use, seek and accumulate information in different ways.

Oct 21, 2010

Ukraine no longer wants to supply weapons to Georgia

Ukraine does not plan to supply weapons to Georgia, said at a press conference, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Klyuyev countries, commenting upon the request of a Russian journalist about possible plans to resume arms supplies to the republic of Georgia.

"We're all friends, but everything to do with the arms of Georgia, the first time I hear from you. I think you are misinformed," - said Klyuev. In this regard, he ruled out the possibility of worsening relations between Ukraine and Russia on the grounds of the Georgian weapons issue. "With Russia, we have brotherly relations," - he said.

Recall, after the armed conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. in Ukraine, a scandal involving violations of the law in supplying weapons to Georgia. In September of 2009. Ukraine's prosecutor general's office has denied the information about the alleged number identified in state-owned Ukrspetsexport gross violations in connection with the sale of Georgian arms and military equipment. "Established that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) involvement in the conflict have not accepted, weapons and military equipment MAT in this state there was no military assistance to the Georgian side is not available" - Prosecutor General's Office said in a message.

The first completely robotic surgery was successful

If you had to lie down on the operating table, would you like to see on a human or robot? In any case, until the robotics of the filigree of the progress has not yet reached, but the DaVinci robot is now successfully functioning as a "hand of the surgeon, never tremble and guide the tool with precision accuracy. However, doctors at McGill University Health Centre (McGill University Health Centre, MUHC) have gone further to fully recover operating on the human presence - for anesthesia responsible designated robot McSleepy, who "practice" since 2008.

Prostatectomy (surgery to remove the prostate) in the wall of the Centre, became the world's first completely robotic surgery. «DaVinci allows the doctor to work remotely and accurate way to position the instruments, while being arbitrarily far from the operated" - says the chief urologist at MUHC Aprikyan A. (A. Aprikian).
"To provide anesthesia in robotic surgery to remove the prostate is extremely difficult, largely because of the specific positioning of the patient's compliance and a high degree of muscle relaxation required for compliance with the best possible conditions during the operation," added Dr Hemmerling. Automated anesthesia with McSleepy guarantees high quality of the procedure, regardless of the subjective experience of the doctor. Of course, there is still much to develop - the robots used in surgery for a long time, but only now we could rely on them in carrying out operations. " Dr. Aprikyan adds: "This experience will allow us to perform surgery faster, safer and more accurate, which ultimately has a positive effect on the patient's condition."