Oct 20, 2010

Google digitized the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls

By the spring of 2011 on Google servers, Israel will be posted the first images of the Dead Sea Scrolls - biblical and apocryphal texts, which date from the beginning of our era were discovered in caves near the ancient settlement of Qumran on the Dead Sea in 1947.

In order to digitize all 900 scrolls, broken by 30 thousand fragments, the scientists take a few years. Each piece will be photographed at six different wavelengths, after which the images will combine with each other. This method of treatment would lead to high-definition images, and they can see parts of the parchment, blackened on the original scrolls under the influence of time. In addition to the actual images in the publications will include translations of texts and detailed background information. The project budget is estimated at $ 3.5 million

Creating a complete digital copies will rarely disturb themselves scrolls, and will also make available the possibility of free combination of fragments, which may contribute to a new interpretation of certain texts.


  1. How hard could it be to read some dumb scroll?

  2. Wow $3.5 million budget, that's roughly $3889.00 per scroll not a bad paycheck. Looking forward to see these and see how realistic the quality is.

  3. ...Justin is an idiot or a troll.

    That's an impressive undertaking.

  4. now we'll all know about SEELE's secret plans!